Meet Renee

Renee has been a psychotherapist and life coach in the New York/New Jersey area for over 25 years. She has worked extensively with adults, adolescents, and couples to help them improve the quality of their lives; to create new paths for themselves at times when they thought that none existed.

In working with her clients she believes that it’s crucial to find the right tools to create the changes that ultimately lead to new possibilities and choices. This perspective has helped her create a toolbox of skills and  techniques that result in a very individualized and collaborative approach.

She received her Masters Degree from  NYU and then later attended IPPNJ, a psychoanalytic institute. Through the course of her career it became very important to understand much more deeply how important the mind/body connection was. This led to training in mind/body techniques; breath work, hypnosis, meditation, EMDR to mention a few.  She has successfully integrated these techniques into her work with her clients and has a wide range of tools at her disposable to help people really move forward in their lives to attain the goals that are most important to them.

In the years of practice, she is proud to say that she has  helped her clients enjoy a higher quality of life, overcoming and managing depression, anxiety, symptoms of OCD, and grief. In relationship work, whether it be with couples, parent/child relationships or in the work environment, it’s been very satisfying to help people find their voice and achieve balance, feeling safe to explore new perspective and make changes.

Over the past several years coaching has been a specific  concentration in her work. Therapy is about opening the emotional suitcase; life coaching is about moving it forward. A specific specialty is Wellness Coaching which very simply is helping people live their lives well.  Renee is now implementing Corporate Wellness Programs. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and a Board Certified Coach.

It is Renee’s goal that this website be a source of reliable and thought provoking information and that it be a reflection of the quality of work and commitment that she brings into her relationship with her clients.