Get on a News Diet

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Things are scary out there. Everywhere you turn the news is grim; climate, disease, political unrest, terrorism.  There’s no end to the boogeymen hiding under your bed, ready to pounce. and no difficulty at all finding out all about them, non-stop on our phones, computers, TV’s, everywhere.  I even have an app on my phone Continue Reading

Beach Hair

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Every year we go “down the shore.” Every year, in preparation for this wildly anticipated event, packing begins weeks before.  Every year I over-pack. Every year I bring the ceremonial hair dryer, assortment of brushes and styling products.  Every year they would come out of the suitcase, once, in a one-time attempt to make my Continue Reading

In The Moment, via Sandy

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Living in New Jersey brought an unwelcome visitor last week, hurricane Sandy. No electricity, no heat, no idea when both will be returning. And, also, no tree landing on our house, a particular blessing to be grateful for. What it has afforded us with is mindfulness in action. When creature comforts are stripped from us, Continue Reading

Meditation and Science: A Happy Marriage

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Today in Time Healthland there was a great blog post, “Omm…How meditation makes you smarter” |, citing the cognitive changes that meditating can stimulate. Whenever I see these kinds of posts and articles (and they now appear with great regularity), I am glad and grateful that meditation continues to be mainstreamed and has left Continue Reading

Sweet Surrender: Letting Go,Embracing What Presently “Is”

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Our daughter came home recently from a whirlwind trip through Europe as sick as I’ve ever seen her. Too many countries, late nights, lack of sleep, close quarters was the perfect combination to totally wipe her out. Upon her return, she had a lot she wanted to accomplish and people to see; the spirit was Continue Reading

Don’t Walk, Run : When the Professional Isn’t……..

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What makes for a good professional relationship? Whether a therapist, a coach, a lawyer, an executive,,,, there are some basic ground rules that should apply to anyone that you hire to work with you. Recently there have been some scenarios that people have shared with me that are astonishing and disturbing since one “would” have Continue Reading

Gotye, Cognitive Dissonance, and How To Keep The Girl

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It’s unusual these days for me to get really enthused over new music but a few weeks ago I caught Gotye on Saturday Night Live singing “Somebody That I Used to Know” and I was intrigued. A little world music vibe, a little bit Sting, a little bit Peter Gabriel, and very cute. So, I Continue Reading

Mindfulness and Politics: An unprecedented yet hopeful partnership

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I read something online today that REALLY made my heart soar. There was article in the Washington Post highlighting a new book out by Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, “A Mindful Nation.” As I read the article which descibed Rep Ryan’s journey into his appreciation and utilization of meditation and mindfulness, I felt a wave Continue Reading

Making Changes: Recycling Old Behaviors Into New Ones

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I recently re-discovered this poem, which I hadn’t seen in a while, which I get the biggest kick out of.  It’s written by Portia Nelson and a great reminder of just how challenging doing things differently can be.  Enjoy! Autobiography in Five Short Chapters I I walk down the street. There is a deep hole Continue Reading

Every Day, a Little Better Way

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     I noticed this morning that as I reached for my contact lens case, it was in my medicine cabinet, the way it always is. That is, the way it’s been for the last 7 months. Prior to that, it was placed every night on the top of the toilet bowl tank… every night for Continue Reading