Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

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I have recently been dealing with a persistent back issue. My decision initally was to go “alternative” seeking the help of acupuncturists, chiropractors, therapeutic massage. This decision came from 2 distinct desires; one was to back my belief that eastern medicine has tremendous merit (although I’m no longer sure that chiro and acupuncture can still Continue Reading

Fake It Till You Make It

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In coaching I’m struck by how desperately people want to make changes in their lives but are convinced they have to “feel’ differently first before they can make the change. Most often it doesn’t occur that way. It really comes down to showing up in the world “as if” this new persona is already fully Continue Reading

Intuition vs Ego

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How do you know the difference between your intuition, the inner knowing vs the voices and tapes that play in your head that are often filled with limiting beliefs and fear-filled advice?  Joan Borysenko, a world renownded psychologist and Harvard researcher noted in her book,”Pocketful of Miracles” eloquently states the following: “Discerning the wisdom of Continue Reading

Teen suicides rise in a dangerous time

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Within the past few weeks, suicide has been in highlighted in the news with several celebrities, and children of taking their own lives. reports that, in this country, a teen takes their life every 100 minutes. Anxiety and depression is being seen in younger and younger ages, even as young as 3.  In a fast Continue Reading

How Do I Know If I’m Grieving?

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Loss is a huge subject. It can be experienced as the loss of a person, the loss of a dream, even the loss of finances. Each loss, in itself could be the subject of many blogs but here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind for yourself or someone that you care about. There Continue Reading

Why Did They Wait so Long?

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A question lots of Therapists ask… Invariably, this is the question that therapists ask most often when they are in the throws of a difficult marital counseling session. The scenario is two chronological adults who are burned out. They’re frustrated with each other, they’re filled with righteous indignation, they’re positive they know what the other Continue Reading

I’m Thinking About Seeing a Therapist: What Do I Do?

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There are a lot of big decisions in a person’s life. I would say that deciding to see a therapist for the first time is right up there as one of the most significant and perhaps anxiety-provoking decisions a person can make It’s a challenge to have to surrender to the notion that you’re at Continue Reading

The Power of a 10 Second Delay

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There is a Hindu proverb that roughly translated means that the word is like a bird, once it is let go, it can never come back. So many times, in working with couples, there is so little discrimination about what is said, so little thought in whether what is being said is really what is Continue Reading

Coaching Vs Psychotherapy: How does one choose?

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People often ask “what’s the difference between coaching and psychotherapy – how do I know what’s right for me?” While there are similarities, since both professions are invested in helping people achieve greater life satisfaction, the focus and methods are quite different. So, let me give you some information to consider when you’re about to Continue Reading