Beach Hair

Every year we go “down the shore.” Every year, in preparation for this wildly anticipated event, packing begins weeks before.  Every year I over-pack. Every year I bring the ceremonial hair dryer, assortment of brushes and styling products.  Every year they would come out of the suitcase, once, in a one-time attempt to make my hair do what I wanted it to do. It’s a ceremony that has nothing to do with reality.  The reality is that my hair is going to do what it damn well pleases in this environment and no amount of cajoling is going to change that.

There have been many years when I fought the fight to try to make my hair look like the hair on someone else’s head, like Cher, or some California blonde, bone straight and sleek. But, that’s not my head or my hair.  It would look like that for, maybe, 10 minutes before I left the air conditioning and then, SMASH, as soon as I left the house, my hair wouldn’t know what to do and it would become bi-polar, trying to find some happy medium between curls and everything I had done to keep it down.  The end product was, shall we say, highly unsuccessful.

My hair, like life at times, does what it’s going to do.  We love to believe that we can have ultimate control but that sense of control can be as much an illusion as my packing a hairdryer and visualizing walking on the beach like I’m Polynesian.  You do your best in life to guide it, make healthy choices, anticipate what might be required, set realistic and invigorating goals, be authentic. What seems to work best is to get real with who you are and embrace and accentuate all that you are and go with it, with gusto.

So now I embrace beach hair and I let it rip.  I have all kinds of hair products that I use to “let the curly out.”  I go with it and I’m in harmony with my hair, the weather, the care-free-ness that vacation is supposed to be.  There’s no longer any stress or tension around it; I’m free and moving on to just having fun

For the sake of full disclosure: I did pack the hairdryer. But, I brought a diffuser so if I had dryer-withdrawl, I could use it to make MORE curls!