Mindfulness and Politics: An unprecedented yet hopeful partnership

I read something online today that REALLY made my heart soar. There was article in the Washington Post highlighting a new book out by Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, “A Mindful Nation.”
As I read the article which descibed Rep Ryan’s journey into his appreciation and utilization of meditation and mindfulness, I felt a wave of excitement and optimisim that there exists a new breed of politician. As the writer described Ryan’s experience with eating a simple raisin and the experience of being present to all of the nuances that exercise holds, I had to laugh because I immediately knew that he had studied with Jon Kabat-Zinn as I had many years ago. It is truly a life-altering experience.
We are a nation, a world, a people, a commuity,so overrun with often inaccuate, superflous information that we can no longer see the forest for the trees. We don’t even see the trees. The ability to be quiet, to be present, to not attach to every thought, emotion, piece of information is our salvation on ALL levels.
So many people are in so much pain using food, medication, even technology to get away from the depressions of the past and the anxieties of a future, neither of which are here, right now, in THIS moment. Stress, and the inability to find healthy ways to cope with it, is chipping away at our infrastructure, individually and collectively.  Mindfulness is the tool to help us find  our “true north.”
Lucky Ohio! To be represented by someone who understands this, lives it , and wants to pass it forward is a big deal.
I can’t wait to read this book.