Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness for employees has become critical for business success. From executives to front-line staff, employee well-being impacts productivity and morale. My whole-person approach encompasses all dimensions of an employee’s life. I help them find balance that creates optimal well-being for them.

From managing stress to improving communication and exploring personal well-being, employers and employees learn a holistic comprehensive system.  Studies have shown that work-life balance increases productivity, job satisfaction, lessens absenteeism and increases profit.  Workplace wellness is motivating.  My workplace wellness programs are motivating and teach people how to develop a  more mindful lifestyle that includes exercise, nutrition, meditation, stress reduction, and tools to maintain work-life balance.

One of the tools I utilize is the Wellness Inventory which provides a unique, comprehensive system for whole-person well-being management. The Towers Watson Staying@Work Report cites 65% of employees name lack of work/life balance as a major stress-or. The Wellness Inventory developed a solution for this very serious problem that so many grapple with. Utilizing the Wellness Inventory:

•motivates employees to define and achieve specific improvements,
•encourages self-responsibility for employee’s overall health and well-being,
•and builds accountability for employees to continually pursue better well-being.

My services include:
•Executive Wellness
•Employee Wellness
•Well-being Workshops
Process options are customized for your workplace and culture.

•Identifying current wellness trends, moderate and high risk segments.
•Develop goals and establish base lines for aggregate reporting.
•Analyze all existing health and wellness programs.
•Develop a communications plan.
•Launch Wellness Inventory with Assessment, Action Plans, and Resources.
•Develop virtual and/or on-site coaching plan based on goals.
•Report on coaching progress toward goals.